Haiku 140904


piles grow higher raked slowly–pages and pages



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Advice to Writers: Hilary Mantel’s 10 Rules of Writing

Yousei Hime:

Very good. Very inspiring. Very challenging. Have a look . . .

Originally posted on A Dreaming Skin:

More advice to writers, this time from Hilary Mantel, double Booker Prize winning author of Wolf Hall (2009) and Bring Up The Bodies (2012), and the first woman to receive the award twice.

  • Are you serious about this? Then get an accountant.
  • Read Becoming a Writer, by Dorothea Brande. Then do what it says, including the tasks you think are impossible. You will particularly hate the advice to write first thing in the morning, but if you can manage it, it might well be the best thing you ever do for yourself. This book is about becoming a writer from the inside out. Many later advice manuals derive from it. You don’t ­really need any others, though if you want to boost your confidence, “how to” books seldom do any harm. You can kick-start a whole book with some little writing exercise.

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Haiku 140823

just traced moon
hours before school starts
wild rabbit



Sending thanks to Leslie White and Melissa Allen for their special additions to my office.

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Haiku 140821


 the number of leaves (syllabus) grow on my yard


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Haiku 140817

I bring in the wind chime and cook


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