Publication Opportunities

At my university, I will be a co-editor for next year’s literary journal.  We are accepting submissions now through the end of next January (2016).  Please take a look at the website below (linked to image), send in submissions, and pass the word along.

The Mayo Review


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Spring 2015 Issue 5: Here Comes The Sun

Yousei Hime:

A few days left for submissions.

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Red Wolf Journal Issue 5 (Spring 2015)
Our theme: “Here Comes The Sun”


Cover art: Vincent Van Gogh, Three Sunflowers in a Vase

Amour, le jour se leve


Life is full of strife. Not a bowl of roses. Yet it’s really about how you see, isn’t it? Notes of green, yellow, orange. These balance out, dominate, crowd out the shadows. The brown and the gray. Their presence fills the heart with song, yelling: here comes the sun (yea, The Beatles). We’re sun-worshippers. The sun is the center of your universe, as a lover is. Each day, when the sun goes up, is a moment of rebirth. We’re born again. Art, in tandem, is about making it new. As a trope in poetry, the sun is really about transcendence. Finding the sublime in the mundane. Experiencing joie de vivre. As practicing poets, we like to think art…

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Date with π

Message from the math department at my school:


How many decimal places of π can you remember?

Two? 3.14, that is very normal.

Five? 3.14159, that is marvelous.

But you can easily remember 9 decimal places like a genius.

This only happens once in our life: 3/14/15, 9:26:53, or 3.141592653, your centennial appointment with π.


timid steps
under iced branches

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Haiku 150129

this day blue sky this day unknown shape-shifted womb

2012-11-10 20.07.50

p.s.  All tests came back negative.  The rabbit is hopping with joy.

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Latest Graduate School Project

As some of you know, I am back in graduate school after a twenty-five year hiatus.  Over the winter break, I decided to take a mini-course in Digital Storytelling.  My blogging has been pretty spotty since I returned to school in August, so I decided to share some of my work in this course (and possibly more later) here on my blog.  You can find all the background and details about my Digital Storytelling project under the Writing Projects tab above.

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