Submissions for Red Wolf Journal Issue 2

Yousei Hime:

Red Wolf is looking for poems for their next issue. If you are writing a poem a day (more or less) this month, please consider this issue’s theme and how your writing might find a home at Red Wolf Journal.

Originally posted on We Write Poems:

Are you poeming every day in April? Are you poeming copiously in some form 
in April? Are you poeming at all? 

If so, Red Wolf Journal would love to see your poems on the theme:

“The River: Within Us and

Without Us”

Godavari River, at the Old Godavari Bridge, in Rajahmundry, India. Courtesy of Hariya1234 from

This theme, of course, is about rivers, in any way, shape, or form. What do rivers 
mean to you? What do they symbolize? What about the rivers -- both literal and 
metaphorical -- in your lives? Do you, as Michael Stipe said, need to "find the 
river"? As your soul is “as deep as the rivers”, as Langston Hughes put it, we 
want to read about it in a way that we’ve never seen before. Show us how 
the river which draws your soul travels.

For more information, please see the full explanation…

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Prompt 206 Which childhood?

Yousei Hime:

Looking for a prompt? It might just be a few years away. For your consideration.

Originally posted on We Write Poems:

Which childhood?
The one from which you’ll never escape?
–Li-Young Lee, “A Hymn to Childhood”

In our adult life, writing as poets, do we find ourselves returning to childhood as a kind of base for who we are, how we’ve become? In your imagination, who was this child? Why is childhood significant? What is the nature of childhood? Is it somehow a frozen place, a place of fixed identity? How do your experiences in childhood shape who you are? One way of writing about childhood is to draw on the memory of an experience.

In Sharon Olds’s poem, “Killing My Sister’s Fish”, the narrator describes the steps taken prior to poisoning her sister’s goldfish and when the deed was done, she was just lying there, “as if without/regret, as if something set in motion/long before I had been conceived/had been accomplished”. The speaker seems to be referring to some sort…

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Nihilism, Smart Asses, Bullies and Sociopathic Behavior- And Brown Shirts thrown in for good measure.

Yousei Hime:

Have faith in the good in people but with eyes wide open.

Originally posted on Lady Nyo's Weblog:


Nihilism’s Corpse 

Nihilism is a deep-sea fish.

When it, in the form of language surfaces in the sea, it is already lifeless.  I detest its corpse like a dirty rag.  I hate it. 

—Nagase Kiyoko 


I know calling any group today ‘Nazi’ is startling.  What happened here is a bit of the behavior of the development of the Brown Shirts in Germany in 1920’s and 30’s, of course  on a much more provincial scale.  These were the ‘lumpen’, in German, the broken, the bottom feeders of German society.  I use the term broken thinking of people who are not facing their own demons, but inflicting them on the population in general. Certainly an area like Atlanta has plenty of problems, but when the so-called intellectual class (or so they would seem to themselves) holds on to their own issues without examining them closely, we have…

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Wordle Prompt at We Write Poems

Anyone in search of a poetry prompt? Writing prompt?  You can find a rather large group of words to choose from at We Write Poems Wordle #9.  If you enjoy rooting your creation in the meanings from which the words grew and were plucked, visit We Write Poems prompt 202 and read through the comments.  Links to the poems of origin (where the wordle words were harvested) can be found there.

Be sure to link to We Write Poems and share anything you write.  Let me know, and I’ll stop in to read.

Spring come soon

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Red Wolf Journal Poetry Submissions

Calling all poets!  Submissions are ongoing.  Red Wolf Journal opens their inaugural edition with these words:

Home is where we have a history.    Terry Tempest Williams

Welcome to the , Spring 2014 , Issue 1.

We invite your poems submitted to our theme, “The Art of Habitation”. Poems that are engaged with the idea of dwelling, whether the feeling is one of rootedness or a lack of it.  Is it a fixed idea or constantly changing? Does it require negotiation?

Please consider submitting.

The Art of Habitation

Cover artwork: Cocoon 2 © Catrin Welz-Stein, used with permission.

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