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Overview:  This video, created with iMovie, is about my relationship with my two sons–sharing my fears, my encouragement and my love for them. I almost had my idea for my project before I started the class.  Ever since I went to my youngest’s graduation last June, I have had a feeling that my relationship with my boys is not what I thought it was.  It is definitely not what I want it to be.  I have two sons, Carl (21) and Jacob (18).  I left Michigan in June of 2012 to come to Texas for work.  I had not planned to stay gone for more than a year, promising my youngest that I would be back for his senior year.  I received an email in August 2012, just two months later, asking for a divorce.  We had trouble for years, and after a week’s deliberation, I decided divorce was the right decision.  My next decision was whether to stay in Texas or go back to Michigan.  I decided to stay.  It is this decision that I wonder about, not for myself, but for my sons.  They have both struggled with relationships (their father, friends, school, personal), with academics, with work, with self-esteem, and with moral and ethical decisions.  I’m not there to physically help with any of that.  One son contacts me at least once a week.  The other I have much less contact with.  He and I are enough alike that we only call/text when something is on our mind or heart.  We have talked about that, understanding that we don’t have to call every week to know the other cares.  Even with these continuing connects, though I don’t begrudge them any resentment and/or anger toward me or my abandoning them, I don’t want them to think I don’t care and they are on their own.  That is the heart behind my message for my project.

This project was completed by Tawnya Smith for Digital Storytelling, Winter-Mini 2015, Texas A&M-Commerce, a graduate-level course taught by Dr. Shannon Carter.

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Dear Sons by Tawnya Smith is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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