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This is the journal of a poetic rabbit. Within the warren you'll find poetry, short stories, essays, art, book and movie reviews, and other odds and ends. If you happen to meet the fey princess, be courteous. This rabbit did and was forever changed.

Summer 2015 Issue 6: Once Upon A Time

Red Wolf Journal Issue 6 (Summer 2015) Our theme: “Once Upon A Time” Cover art: Marc Chagall, The Promenade Poems are stories. As if you didn’t already know. But the stories are eclipsed in shadow so you only get half…

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Publication Opportunities

At my university, I will be a co-editor for next year’s literary journal.  We are accepting submissions now through the end of next January (2016).  Please take a look at the website below (linked to image), send in submissions, and … Continue reading

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Spring 2015 Issue 5: Here Comes The Sun

Red Wolf Journal Issue 5 (Spring 2015) Our theme: “Here Comes The Sun” Cover art: Vincent Van Gogh, Three Sunflowers in a Vase Amour, le jour se leve CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Life is full of strife. Not a bowl of…

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Date with π

Message from the math department at my school: π=3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062… How many decimal places of π can you remember? Two? 3.14, that is very normal. Five? 3.14159, that is marvelous. But you can easily remember 9 decimal places like a genius. … Continue reading

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Haiku 150129

this day blue sky this day unknown shape-shifted womb p.s.  All tests came back negative.  The rabbit is hopping with joy.

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