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Favorite Poems

Margo Roby has invited us to share one of our favorite poems. I unabashedly fall into the “Can it be more than one?” group. I have favorite haiku which you can find here.  I have favorite poems and quotes by … Continue reading

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Let’s Oulipo for Margo

tanks and angry alpha back what as law many that as that and had and backwards many that Santa Barbara many what many all had mass Santa Barbara and that and all as grand as that laws can play and what that laws and … Continue reading

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Daydreams from the Poetry Gryoscope

I would never have heard about the Poetry Gyroscope without Margo.  I used words from haiku I have posted on this blog and experimented with every author option (except Shel Silverstein) on the Gyroscope page–e.e. cummings, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, … Continue reading

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Art From My Youngest

Quadrantid shower (from each stem) new spiders

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Wordgathering Cento

Margo graciously reblogged the Red Wolf Anthology announcement and added this prompt: You can do one of two things. Take all the first lines you have picked and use them as your poem — tenses and pronouns can be changed … Continue reading

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