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Haiku 140823

just traced moon hours before school starts wild rabbit   Sending thanks to Leslie White and Melissa Allen for their special additions to my office.

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Student Senryu 4

midterm dread midst milky way stars dim thesis Related articles CurrentTrending Topics for a Grad Student (intuitionat40.wordpress.com) What is the importance of research paper writers? (listfree.org) Kanpai! Sake through the ages (japantimes.co.jp) Inspirational Haiga (genesmusings.com)

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Student Senryu 3

notes on Derrida even in my thoughts I dream of/off/oaf reason Related articles Japanese Poetry: Haiku or Senryu? (bastetandsekhmet.wordpress.com) Monday Poetry Prompt #17: The Words Within the Picture (bastetandsekhmet.wordpress.com) Derrida, the Mission Impossible… This message will self-destruct in five seconds! … Continue reading

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Student Senryu 2

between Shelley and Whitman I piece together again mindful existence Shepherd Senryu and Silver Senryu (mindlovemisery.wordpress.com) Mary Shelly’s masterpeice “Frankenstein” Comments by Don Robbins (Related Links) (donrobbins.typepad.com) Frankenstein…In Our World (372eco.wordpress.com) Mary Shelley (rachelenglishblog.wordpress.com)

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Student Senryu 1

research class first week I check all my email Related articles The Library of the Future? (rtrube54.wordpress.com) A forgotten collection of rare Japanese albums (ilgiardinodeibucaneve.wordpress.com) Surreal. (fleeingtoeurope.wordpress.com)

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