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Favorite Poems

Margo Roby has invited us to share one of our favorite poems. I unabashedly fall into the “Can it be more than one?” group. I have favorite haiku which you can find here.  I have favorite poems and quotes by … Continue reading

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Let’s Oulipo for Margo

tanks and angry alpha back what as law many that as that and had and backwards many that Santa Barbara many what many all had mass Santa Barbara and that and all as grand as that laws can play and what that laws and … Continue reading

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Moment’s Touch

velveteen my son’s “I love you” on voicemail creamy day’s end–slipped between crisp, clean sheets prickly unexpectedly words recalled chapped phone conversation with sister dimpled from birth one corner of his smile powdery Bocelli’s high note smiles on skin sodden … Continue reading

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Life at the Card Table

It’s hard to tell now what the hand holds. The House shows a pair of teacups, fomenting verdant highways. So braided clematis vows and trilled cotton diapers discarded. If only to draw straight bruised piano keys or royal pages, photos, … Continue reading

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Poetry Defines It

distance 1. The extent of space between two objects or places; an intervening space. When we were one what was between us? 2. The fact or condition of being apart in space; remoteness. What permeated the skin from my soul to yours? … Continue reading

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