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Belated Birthday Sonnet

Shall a rabbit’s love compare to poetry? Full fast to borrow cupid’s wings, words roar Into the tempest of sweet night; fools be Who fling these darts while muses snore. Yonder shines the dream, moon’s fairy night, Where mischief, madness, sorrow bedeck … Continue reading

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Time Travel Through A Sonnet Gate

Many years ago (I’ll tell, but only if you’re brave enough to ask) I wrote this poem.  I’ve actually posted it before, a little over a year ago, but I wanted it next to my most recent sonnet.  I think … Continue reading

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Sunday Whirl Baked in a Holiday Sonnet

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All Not too long ago, Thomas Davis of fourwindowspress suggested I try my hand at the sonnet form.  I finally took some time to pick up that gauntlet, and though I feel the poem … Continue reading

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My Son’s First Sonnet

My freshman is studying Romeo and Juliet as the school year winds down. (Just what we need heading into summer–teen love angst.) As a part of that study, he and his classmates have to write sonnets. (Wow!  Really?  Freshman writing … Continue reading

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Beneath your hands my breasts are tarnished earth; they tremble not from passion but tilting with memories, oceans of memory. See those other reaching hands–wise-wrinkled, familiar and cruel-gentle.  See them search child nipples and vulva petals that cringe and weep … Continue reading

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