Publication Opportunities: Calling for Submissions

Last Chance:  Red Wolf Journal deadline for the summer issue  is July 19!!!!!!!  (Click on the image to go to the site).

So you tell us a story in a poem. Rather than tell the whole story, your poem pivots on a lyrical moment– let the delicate rendering of a moment tell a story. “Once upon a time” might as well mean “once upon a moment”. Sometimes the poem is the story. What does the act of fictionalizing do? It either transcribes a reality that’s out there, or it creates a reality that doesn’t exist out there. That only you and your reader knows. Now isn’t that just fabulous? Now it doesn’t have to be clear-cut at all. Fantasy does, in truth, intrude into reality (we all daydream don’t we?) and the best poems also play on the idea of rupturing ordinary reality. Story, it turns out, is the reality we create.



The Mayo Review welcomes submissions for its 2016 publication.  The journal publishes from the following categories:  short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, visual art, and short drama.

  • Fiction – Limit of 2000 words. We are open to all styles; most important to us is quality of work. Limit to three submissions.
  • Poetry – Limit poetry submissions to three poems. Individual poems should fit on one page. Send query for longer works.
  • Creative Nonfiction – Limit of 2000 words. We are interested in creative personal essays, memoir, and lyric essays for publication. We do not publish academic articles.
  • Visual Art – Limit submissions to five images. Submissions may be any printable representation of an artform you have created–pencil, paint, digital, sculpture, etc.  All submissions must be sent as JPEG (.jpg) files. Black and white or color art is acceptable for submission. Please submit artwork at 300 DPI or at least 1000 pixels wide.
  • Drama – Submit up to three short dramatic pieces of one-act length plays or screenplays.

Click on the image below to visit the submission requirements  and information page on the journal website.  Deadline is November 1.  Don’t wait!

2015 Mayo Image

The Mayo Review 2015 volume


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  1. Thanks for sharing this.

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