Prompt #212 – Polishing Silver

What are you going to do with all the April poetry? Here is one idea. 😀

Red Wolf Poems

I hope everyone has recovered from last month’s poetry writing.  If you participated in a fraction of the prompts and poetry activities out there, then I know you have a drawer full of poems and drafts.  Get ready to open the drawer.

What do I mean by polishing silver?  I mean revising, revising to the point of creation.  Whether you write and then revise or you write/revise as you go, changes are always necessary.  But what about those poems we abandon?  What about the ones with good parts or ideas, but we find the whole unsatisfying?

For this prompt, I would like you to find a poem (or more than one) which you know needs revision but you’re not sure where to start.  If you choose more than one, try to choose ones with complementary themes or images (or images that create powerful contrasts/synergy).  Once you have chosen your poem(s), go through the…

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