Fib Poem

Several months ago I read, at Which Silk Shirt, about a poetic form based on the Fibonacci

Fibonnaci's Sequence

Fibonacci’s Sequence (Photo credit: eekim)

series.  This was irresistible to one whose father was a math/science teacher.

In a “Fib,” the poem builds in the same way as it does in nature: 0-1-1-2-3-5-8. Those numbers represent syllables. The first line holds zero syllables (or silence); the next contains 1 syllable. The following line also has only 1 syllable, and the next, two, and so forth until you get to the last line with 8 syllables. A completed Fib has 6 worded lines – most of them short.

Here is my very first Fib . . . honestly.


Fib Poem 120512

Fib Poem

until a single
failure breaks into this darkness

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21 Responses to Fib Poem

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  4. ManicDdaily says:

    I had not seen this one – it is lovely. Reminds me of my own “meditations” – but the failures break in pretty promptly. Thanks. k.

  5. Kris Kennedy says:

    Wow, how fun…I will have to try…so glad you introduced me to the concept, thank you. Moreso, though, is the fact that I think what you wrote was very cool. I liked the flow, the imagery, and what was said…it made much sense, and actually I thought, was very powerfully written. So much fun…can’t wait to read more.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      😀 Glad you liked it. I thought it was fun and enjoyed the subject. I’m not always pleased with what I write, (What writer is?) but I do like this one. Thank you for visiting and commenting.

  6. John Stevens says:

    I like it! It’s very playful, this form, but you’ve made a very pleasing – and intriguing – poem out of the arithmetic!

  7. brian miller says:

    pretty cool…have seen a couple variations on the fib…failure breaking into the darkness is a very cool line for me….i need to think on that one…smiles.good to see you as well…

  8. I’ve never heard of this sort of “fib” prior to your post, poetic rabbit. Very interesting form. Thank you.

  9. You never did a fib before? For a first one, I approve. Another variation (inspired by the cinquain) is to then subtract syllables until you get back down to one.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Truly, it is my first fib. (How fun to say that.) I love the variant idea. Perhaps I’ll do another one sometime and pair it with the variant. Best to find a way to keep track of those fibs. 😉 Currently working on your Reverie Twenty-one: Charm Bracelet. When I first read the post I knew I had to do it sometime. Today’s the day. Look for it today or tomorrow.

  10. Marty Smith says:

    i love this form. the poem and drawing are interesting and i think the tree is a christmas tree , but i do not understand why “failure breaks” or what failed? …. a single memory could be blissful. I mean no criticism. I am only wondering if this is a personal poem or if you were just filling in the mathematical requirements for the form with your choice of the word?

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Welcome. So happy to have you visit, and I appreciate you leaving your link for me on FB. Interesting you should point out that phrase. I was considering how well it works on my way home from work yesterday. My original idea was to use the idea of a string of lights, the older kind, in which one bad bulb causes the entire string to fail, a break in the circuit. I did struggle with the math of the poem, but the line has roots in recent personal trials. I’m guessing I need to fiddle with it some more to make the circuit of imagery and meaning connect. 😉 Thank you very much for asking your questions. Those thoughts and observations help me take a different and better perspective on my own writing.

      • Marty Smith says:

        i’m happy to share thoughts with you and hear your thoughts. when i went back and looked at the poem again i realized my suggested word was ridiculous, and the whole poem needed a closer look from me, thank you for telling me about the “circuit” aspect of your image and story. I am always tricked by spirals, so visually i was ascending as the poem progressed. anyway i probably am not making sense. I’m glad you looked at the collection of fb poems.

        • Yousei Hime says:

          Your thoughts are always welcome and not ridiculous at all. They made me think, which is crucial. As to your FB collection, I still haven’t seen it. I tried looking via my phone, but couldn’t access it. My laptop is on its deathbed, and I can’t do social media at work. I’ll find a way, never fear. I’m really looking forward to seeing them. I really enjoyed putting together the interview and post on you and your work. I’ll try to let you know when I successfully uncovered your treasures. 🙂

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