September: 8 of 30 Days of Haiga

wild flower seeds dark fields of a garden moon


Rick’s September 8 Prompt: Rice and/or Seeds



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Just one of the literacy scholars on this site who wants to explore writing in all its complexities.
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22 Responses to September: 8 of 30 Days of Haiga

  1. aloha Poetic Rabbit – i hope you do not mind if i call you Poetic Rabbit. i’ve been wanting to do that every since i saw someone else address you that way. it is most appropriate i think.

    i especially like the idea that works so well in your haiga (one of those i-wish-i-had-thought-of-that moments of awe) of planets and stars being wildflower seeds. wow. this is a great insight that leaves the reader/viewer exploding in their mind with comparisons that are almost stunning to behold. that is superb. you have achieved this beautifully without saying it directly (wow again, yeah) – that is one of the high concepts of haiga (imo) – it is what you say and do with the words that you leave out that become so important with haiga and often haiku – that is ideal (again imo) – and then are able to convey this to a viewer/reader bringing the haiga home and into that reader/viewer ah-ha moment (again and again – imo). well done here.

    the words in the haiga are easy to read – perfect.

    i like the placement and color relationship to the image too.

    all together there is now a beautiful place to rest in that field of night sky beneath and above the moon within your haiga – as well as and maybe even more importantly out under the universe of the night sky in our own backyard that we each have and can now look forward to in this light because of your haiga. very cool on that.


    • Yousei Hime says:

      Another comment from you that leaves me grinning in pleasure. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited and read elsewhere (you, Angie and Melissa especially) and had that “i-wish-i-had-thought-of-that moment” of, in my case, bright green envy. I’m pink with pleasure for a change that someone might actually wish my words had been theirs. I like the concept for this one too. I’ve long felt something like this about the night sky, wishing that I knew more about astronomy, but a bit too busy/lazy to do something about it. Moving out to the countrside a few years ago cultivated a deeper appreciation for the night view. I saw the milky way and recognized it for the first time. I went out looking for constellations, falling stars and full moons. I love your explication 😉 on the higher concept possibilities in the piece–some I intended and some your wonderful mind gave light to. I’ll go out and look at the stars tonight (though I’m back in the city) and think of you and the night time garden we can both enjoy. Thank you my friend. (And “Poetic Rabbit” is perfect.)

      • hey. just a thought; you have an iPad, yes?? or is it a tablet of a different make??

        maybe this will still work… I have an app called Night Sky. if your device has a gps system (a lot do) and you are okay with allowing it to be used, you can use the night sky app right from where ever you are to look up into the sky (or actually it can look below the horizon line too and right down through the planet under you to see – yeah the universe – or – as we call it from our planet – the sky.

        And. on this app you can then see – wow more names of stars and constellations, and planets and comets and satellites and space shuttles and space stations – with names and labels than we can imagine. well. almost than we can imagine. and it can be seen in different ways. just hold it up to the sky and it will show you what you are seeing or you can find where the thing is that you want to see. and there is a lot of info that you can find on it too.

        and. that app along with another I like called MoonPhase (yes caps and no space) which has a lot of other info specific to the moon are way fun and very cool as resource I’ve found.

        I forget the prices. maybe the $1.99 or $4.99 variety?. you can check before you buy of course. one of these or maybe both also has a way to access info on line as a source of info too. cool, yes?? or maybe not cool too?? just a thought to think about.

        aloha and fun on.

        fun on. aloha

        • Yousei Hime says:

          Yes, I just got the iPad recently. I looked up the apps you mentioned. I didn’t get the Night Sky because I saw recent reports of crashing since the update. I did get another one (don’t remember the name though) which seems to do most of the same things you mentioned. I played with it for about half an hour last night, thanking you in my head as I played. I might actually learn to recognize something besides the Big and Little Dipper (the Ursas, right?). I’ll look for the MoonPhase again tonight. Thank you for mentioning these. aloha, my friend.

          • cool. I havnt had problems with my night sky. yet. they usual come out with fixes if they get a few (no idea how many) people reporting the issue. if you have something that works tho, I’d say no need for another.

            I have lots of drawind/painting apps but only a few I use a lot. two of my favorites: Zen Brush App and ArtStudio App (caps and no spaces) I also like the Sketch Club App, Art Set App and ArtRage App – each for different reasons. Sketchbook App and Inspire Pro App are good but the way they work isn’t quite as intuitive and flowing to me. I was already familiar with photoshop so ArtSet was easier. it has changed and now offers even more that is like photoshop. the photoshop app was not at all on par with what ArtSet could do. another I have is Learn To Draw App you might like it. it is more graphite-like in looks and behavior. it also offers (included in the app) drawing lessons which I’ve never used but thought might be fun to go through sometime. as a refresher. if you’re feeling rusty it might appeal to you or some of it might give you ideas. my favorite to play on is still one of the most simple yet nothing I’ve found so far is any thing like it – that’s the Zen Brush App.

            I also have other apps both draw and paint and others. I’ve stopped looking through the apps because I find plenty I want to try. too many. but it is way fun.

            one other I use quite a bit is the WordPress App. I can do a reasonable job posting to the blog with it altho not quite as good as when I’m on the desktop. which has now gotten difficult because the OS is so old. I’m eyeing a new computer tho so I probably won’t update.

            fun fun. create on. I have apps to write in that I like too. and combination apps that allow writing and the ability to bring in images. plus apps that are like filters for images and a camera app beyond the camera in the iPad itself. more can be done to the image with this than with the built- in camera.

            and yes other apps still. so you can see why I try not to look too much now. bwahahaha. it’s way too fun. fun on aloha.

            • P.S. when I post I usually post what Apps or other stuff I’ve used to create the work. when you see something that interests you – the way it was done or looks etc. – check there to see what might have been used. and you can always ask me what I did or used to get something the way you see it in the work of course. that’s why I include that info with each work. aloha.

            • Yousei Hime says:

              Thank you for the info. I hadn’t really paid attention to your mention of apps and equipment used, but I will now. I’ve had Zen Brush for quite a while (phone first) and love it still. I got SketchBookX, which I really like, but I’ll definitely look at the others you mentioned. I like having options. I definitely use the WordPress app (phone and iPad). I like it, though like you, it isn’t as convenient as a computer/laptop. I’ll keep looking for new apps, I’ll try to remember to add what I use to my posts as well (though it will take me a while to get into that routine), and I’ll be sure and make note of yours. Thanks for the info. 🙂

  2. I love this form and you’ve done so well with it! What a fun challenge.

  3. Luke Prater says:

    Yeah this one is pure beauty, Yousei. Prettiest micropoetry I’ve read in a while

  4. Are you kidding me?! This is crazy awesome. I’m insane over the darkness of your background, letting the pale blue/grey text rise right up—not competing with the words for attention. The poem itself is like an up-close star or even a constellation. I’m so impressed with your wisdom in placing the text in the lower right corner rather than centering it or something. It should definitely be right where it is. I’m all excited over this. 🙂

    The font is perfect, even feeling like wildflower seeds. I love that the seeds are stars and the field is the sky. The moon doing the planting. This is just amazing, girl.

    Or maybe the poem is the flower’s expression in petal form—a full-grown seed. Beautiful!


    Okay, coming at it from a different direction, I could say that “seeds” is a verb and that the wild flower is scattering her seeds to the wind. They are blown into dark fields (maybe the sky, maybe something more sinister like a body of evil). But a “garden moon” has a magical feel, yet still contained by straight lines, walls, borders.

    I like that you separate “wildflower” to emphasize the word “wild.” I also like the way “dark” and “garden” sound together. Oh how I do go on. 😉

  5. slpmartin says:

    Oh…this one is just gorgeous!

    • Yousei Hime says:

      I’d hoped to get a photo of the night sky, but it is one of the rare times we are overcast. It gave me a chance to try something new. I’m pleased too. Thank you for sharing.

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