Aurora Borealis

Aurora borealis in Alaska

Image via Wikipedia

slivered moon
streams red northern lights–
rabbit glance



My first northern lights were red and white.  It was amazing, but I couldn’t get a picture with my phone (and who knew where my camera was).  The Wikipedia image above is pretty close to what I saw.  Now I’m longing for more.  Our ever changing heavens, are there greater mysteries?  There are other mysteries at Haiku Heights.


slivered moon streams red northern lights rabbit path

monostich inspired by Red Dragonfly and monostich

About T A Smith

Just one of the literacy scholars on this site who wants to explore writing in all its complexities.
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40 Responses to Aurora Borealis

  1. I like this very much, especially the phrase, “rabbit glance.” Well done!

  2. roxie says:

    Lovely- captures image for me…t/y! 😉

  3. manicddaily says:

    Such a lovely combination of images–both written and visual. K.

  4. Nicely written and the picture is sweet.


  5. Irene says:

    This is adorable.

  6. What a thrilling experience. I think I’ve only experienced it once…a few years ago in Nevada!?

    • Yousei Hime says:

      This is only once for me as well. Makes it that much more special, does it not? Thank you so much for visiting my site. I really enjoyed what I’ve read on dVerse and your site. I’m looking forward to making many more visits and growing from those. Come by anytime and your comments are always welcome.

  7. zumpoems says:

    Vernry nicely done!

  8. Yousei, I long to see the Northern Lights, and this poem only made the feeling more intense. I loved the image that accompanied it, the rabbit getting in a glimpse… very nice writing. Glad I stopped by, and thanks for visiting me! Amy

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Happy to have made a visit and even happier you came calling. I hope you do get to see the Northern Lights some day. I never thought I would, but then … there you go. So glad I could share the poem and image with you. See you again sometime. 😀

  9. suzicate says:

    Lovely, I’ve never seen the Northern Lights in person but have seen some amazing video and photographs. How lucky you are to have experienced this first hand.

  10. OOOO more rabbit poetry. 🙂
    red lights–wow..

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Hello Lady, 😀 Happy to have you back. Yes, the rabbit is writing again. I’ve been thinking about you and cat tales too. Maybe I’ll add one soon. Let’s see how life treats me.

  11. Ramesh Sood says:

    I am sure it was you with your discerning heart and not the rabbit to picture such a fantastic image and write this Haiku.. loved being here.. hope you will visit my page and also through HH.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Ramesh Sood, Welcome and thanks you for your comment. It’s usually safe to bet, if there is a rabbit writing here, it’s me. Next visit, read the about page fir more clues. I’ll be by to visit you soon.

  12. Great words for a cute pic.

  13. zongrik says:

    i’ve never seen them, and i keep writing poems about them. like this one

  14. becca givens says:

    My husband has seen the Northern Lights in Iceland … he says there are no words to describe them!
    Nice haiku ~~~

  15. dsnake1 says:

    staying in the tropics, i have not seen the northern lights, but reading your work, i can quite imagined what it is like.
    that’s a lovely drawing you’ve got there. 🙂

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Thank you for your visit from the tropics and your warm comment. Perhaps you’ll see the norther lights someday. I never expected to see them, but I’m very glad I have. I’ve experimented making art using my phone. It’s fun and sometimes it turns out better than I expected. You’re welcome back any time.

  16. cute, love the imagery.


  17. brian says:

    nice..have yet to see them yet…but imagine they are quite magic…nice capture in your words…

  18. slpmartin says:

    Haven’t seen the northern lights yet…but hope to some day…fine poem.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      slpmartin, It left me speechless. I watched it until it faded, wishing I could have captured it in a picture. I hope you do get to see it. Thank you for your visits and comments.

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