My Walk for Japan

Because of days of rain and storms, my plans to visit a nearby Japanese garden had to be postponed.  Instead I walked around our property and the lands around us to enjoy nature before the rains came.  The photos were taken with my phone, so I apologize for the blur.

The walk was for Cities of Green Leaves

Ginko-no-Kukai May 14 and 15, 2011

For more information on this even go here.

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13 Responses to My Walk for Japan

  1. yoshizen says:

    Oh, what a collection of flowers and the nature photos you took. These days we the
    user of heavy DSLR camera often wondered why do I need to carry such heavy staff,
    when encounter pretty good photo taken by Mob-phone 😀
    In good coincidence, I went out to take picture of Magnolia flower —– m m m ?
    it seems your Magnolia looks better than my photo 😀

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Though a phone camera does well in many instances, there are also many times I wish I had my digital camera in hand. Quality is evident when trying to alter with phone pictures. Still I’m happy I have it with me in most instances, so that opportunity wasn’t completely missed. Magnolia’s are magnificent at their peak, aren’t they. Those photos are of a friend’s tree, which I sincerely wish were on my property. I wish I had some photos of the southern magnolias on my mother’s land. Those are a taller, grander tree with blossoms even more fragile. Thank you for all your visits and comments. I’m enjoying them.

  2. suzicate says:

    Lovely nature photos! I adore the mushroom around the mossy stump. I love the blue flowers, too. My favorite is the pink buds on the tree (right after the stump and mushrooms), you took that at an incredible angle.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Thank you. 😀 Those are my favorites too. I do believe I like the mushrooms the best, maybe because they are so different from the flowering trees. Maybe because there is a little fairy ring at the base of the stump. I just know there was a festival there the night before. Thanks for stopping by. I loved your swamp tale.

  3. ajoops says:

    Wow. Such beautiful photos!

  4. for Cities of Green Leaves…

    a walk this spring
    from a broken branch
    a blossom

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Rick Daddario,
      Nothing nicer than reading haiku in my comments. Lovely one. Have you ever done a photo post of spring in Hawaii?

      • aloha Yousei Hime – thank you. i’m glad you like the haiku. i feel like it is a more on theme ku for Cities of Green Leaves than the haiga i posted. not necessarily more appropriate for Japan, i like all of them for Japan.

        the short answer to your Q: no. not specifically that i can think of with that intent, altho i’ve taken many photographs that i’m reasonably sure might feel spring-like to a viewer. and may have posted to get a spring-like reaction. i was probably aiming at my take on the feeling of spring as i might think others would know it and i could find it here – altho it may not have actually been spring or the spring of here. strange? hmmmm….

        (yeah, i rarely have a short answer)

        the longer answer to the same Q:
        hawaii has seasons. even recognizable changes similar to mainland (usa) seasons – only far more subtle. in fact until you’re here for a few complete or extended year cycles it’s probably difficult to note them easily. hawaii has other seasons – whale watching season, hurricane season – to name a couple.

        spring in hawaii… is difficult to define the way the mainland might think of it. a spring like image can be taken almost year round – in fact i’m quite sure it can. altho i recognize more spring-like moments from about february to june.

        june to october it’s easier to find summer like moments. and october to february it’s easier to find… a transition between summer to spring which slightly, at times, resembles the onset of autumn. still even in that summer and summer to spring time – spring like images are there.

        …and… curiously enough, i’ve noticed i can at almost any time find an image that actually looks like autumn – altho temperature wise (which the viewer wouldnt know easily) it wouldnt necessarily feel like autumn.

        i’ve found season curious in hawaii for haiku in other ways as well. altho traditionally haiku has a seasonal reference – which makes sense in Japan for Japan – around the planet it does not make as much sense at any one time. not just in cases like hawaii – but the planet.

        now with the net people are becoming more aware of this. prior to the net people didnt think of it this way as much – spring in the norther hemisphere is autumn in the southern hemisphere – and the same with summer/winter. they both exist at the same time on this planet.

        a writer who writes to note the time of year is okay if it is only written for readers in one hemisphere – or may be even one location. writers now are easily instantly read in both hemispheres. so writing with in a season and alluding to that season can feel out of place to half of the planet in any season.

        too long an answer? bwahahaha – yeah. i’m like this.

        it’s fun to find images that reflect traditional mind think as well as images that reflect new mind think. spring. the season of awakening. autumn the season of settling to sleep. of course if that makes winter the season OF sleep, i’m not sure what Summer would be – the season of…??? alert? the season of play? the season of day? the season of… yeah. interesting.

        seasons are really the result of the way our planet moves in (mostly) the relationship to our star. yet defining season that way does not convey the way we feel the result of that movement in our location – in our environment – altho we could say this season is warmer. that season is cooler. this happens when it is warmer. this happens when it is cooler.

        interesting? i think it is. i think it’s interesting because we are redefining so much of our world at this time on this planet.

        that sounds like an awake time on this planet. may be, hopefully, a time of play on this planet. play as in the good kind of focused play that may be called work. but not a job. so may be these years are a human-being-summer of our planet??

        still… spring in hawaii… yeah, i can think of some moments, some images that might convey what spring is like here. what it is like to me at least. ..which would probably be filtered through me by my memory of springs elsewhere – more specifically mainland (usa) memories – altho others too…

        bwahahaha – yeah. ask a simple yes/no question and allow me to reply in my own way and… if it goes where i’m interested it becomes… okay, okay, rambling. bwahahahaha. fun. i hope this is not WAY too long.

        now i’m curious. i’m curious about the thinking behind your question. curiosity? exploratory? search? dialogue? other?

        regardless. for me it was fun to explore. thank you. fun is a good thing as i see it. have fun. aloha

        • Yousei Hime says:

          Rick Daddario,
          Amazing. That is a record comment for my blog. I love it! I won’t rehash everything. I like your idea of the seasons as social and cultural rather than strictly weather and temperature related. I do like trying to figure out what the season in a haiku is. For me, it is an opportunity to learn more about the person/place the poem was constructed, as well as the culture. As to why I asked about spring there . . . I’d like to see your sense of spring in Hawaii, as captured on film (and haiku). Maybe someday? Enjoyed your thoughts and I thank you for sharing them. 🙂

          • aloha Yousei Hime – yeah, sometimes i can be quite windy. i will have to think about spring in hawaii – separate from my version of spring experiences else where. yeah, may be someday i’ll post something on this spring in hawaii. cool. i like that. aloha.

  5. slpmartin says:

    Love the photos!

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