Haiku for Japan

Japan - Kyoto

Image by Marc Veraart via Flickr

As a blogger inspired initiative to honor
the spirit and sacrifices of the people
in Japan’s stricken Tohoku region,
we welcome you to

Cities of Green Leaves Ginko-no-Kukai May 14 and 15, 2011

We encourage everyone to join us in collaborating with like-minded poets and bloggers in combining your skills and talents, enter your haiku in a peer judged contest, and take the opportunity to offer aid and support to our friends in Japan in a consensus of thought, well wishes and kinetic energies to occur simultaneously around the globe.

It’s no surprise the kukai’s topic will take its cue from Sendai, Japan’s annual Aoba Matsuri Festival, an event held originally to honor the city’s founder, Date Masamune. The date has now become an annual celebration with thousands of visitors, a parade, sparrow dance, taiko drums and tree-lined streets as part of the festival each year to rejoice in the arrival of spring’s new greenery and rebirth.

Choose any place in your vicinity to hold your ginko walk, as long as it holds the attributes to inspire many to compassionate action in the beauty of poetry, and the celebration of the renewing power of nature’s seasons.

Click here to send and submit your poems. Submissions deadline will be Friday, May 20th, 2011.

Send up to three haiku – your submissions will remain anonymous until we post the winner’s results. Participants will be able to vote on their favorites on this site when posted.

We encourage all participants to contribute to charitable relief for the residents of the Tohoku region of Japan. We’ve listed some organizations below.

Please, enjoy yourselves, and we look forward to walking with you!

Charitable Donations

Architecture for Humanity

Japanese Red Cross Society

Ngo Jen Official Website

Salvation Army in Japan

Participating Blogs

Area 17

ashley capes

Charlotte D’s Writer’s Blog

Green Tea and Bird Song

Haiku Bandit Society

Hailstone Haiku Circle Icebox

Issa’s Snail

Red Dragonfly

Shiteki Na Usagi

Word Pond

please join us!

(click on highlighted text for more info)

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2 Responses to Haiku for Japan

  1. yoshizen says:

    My deep felt thanks toward your compassionate action to support disaster stricken Japanese. ___/\___
    (Is there any post to see the collection of Haiku submitted ?)

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