Moonless Cold Spring Night


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somewhere beyond storms
beyond snow–I long to see
high pearlescent moon


What are you wishing for this week?

About T A Smith

Just one of the literacy scholars on this site who wants to explore writing in all its complexities.
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14 Responses to Moonless Cold Spring Night

  1. Robert Lew says:

    I love this haiku! 🙂

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Do I remember right? Did you start your art back up? Are you going to blog about it too? Post it? I’d love to see some. Thanks for your visits. Really glad you stopped by.

  2. rdl says:

    pretty! I’m hoping for warm weather and to win the lottery.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      😀 Same here! Though its hard to win a contest win I don’t enter it. Good luck on both counts and thanks for stopping in and sharing with me.

  3. Artswebshow says:

    Excellent haiku, goes so nicely with the picture

  4. jruthkelly says:

    ah, me too! so many storms…time for moonful musing and peace.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Hi Cuz,
      Your comment became a prophecy. My husband has a friend in Alabama, and the friend said he’d never seen devastation such as that before. The path from the tornado was miles long and a couple of miles wide, over several states. With or without moons, may there be peace and recovery down south and all over the land.

  5. wishing for?
    soft lift of pink Spring breeze
    warmed purple hyacinth scent

    rough but I tried! Lovely photo and sentiment.

  6. lesliepaints says:

    Me too, Yousei, and I live south of you!

  7. brian says:

    may the moon find you

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