Photos From Their Past

fallen broken oak
good for climbing cubs–you won’t
let me help you now

About T A Smith

Just one of the literacy scholars on this site who wants to explore writing in all its complexities.
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14 Responses to Photos From Their Past

  1. lovely imagery.

    how are you?

    Invite you to join poets rally week 42,

    Bless you, your absence is missed.

    Keep up the excellence.

    You Rock!

    plus, you win the perfect poet award for week 41, check your email/spam for details, let me know if you take it.

  2. Artswebshow says:

    lol, brilliant haiku

  3. sandy says:

    Lovely, it does my heart good to see photos like this.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Thank you. This is one of my favorite photos. It fills me with so many thoughts and emotions, and yet it whispers to others as well. Thanks for sharing it with me.

  4. sweet and apt words.
    well penned,

    share your work with us at poetry potluck today, free style commenting…

  5. lesliepaints says:

    Isn’t that that the truth? They find “wings”.

  6. I like that, “you won’t let me help you now”… the broken oak has found a new purpose. And a good purpose it is, just as important as being majestic and all.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Joseph Harker,
      🙂 This is one of my favorite pictures, and it is so hard to believe how much they have grown. The one on the peak is my youngest, always the monkey. The other two are his cousins. It is one of the saddens and delights photos. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  7. slpmartin says:

    A sweet poem to go with the photo.

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