Japan, Earthquake, Tsunami

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I am stunned by the news of this earthquake and subsequent tsunami in northern Japan. I have made acquaintances and friendships in Japan through blogging. Though this is not the first country to experience a recent earthquake disaster, it is the first for which I have strong connections and deep love. I pray for everyone’s safety and quick recovery.

let us walk
safely together
Basho’s path

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16 Responses to Japan, Earthquake, Tsunami

  1. Origa says:

    Dear Yousei Hime,
    I am so glad that I found your blog through Hidenori san! Thank you for your prayer for Japan. I am a sumi-e artist and haikai poet/translator/editor. We are now collecting haikai poetry and art for a trilingual anthology “Prayer for Japan” which I edit/illustrate, and am going to publish & distribute all over Japan. Hiruta san also contributes to the anthology with his haiku and Japanese translations. Will you agree to include these two haiku of yours? If you have more haiku on the subject, please consider submitting them, too. I’ll bookmark your page. Btw, I live in Michigan 🙂 In haiku spirit, Origa .

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Origa san,
      I am delighted you found me, and I would be honored to have my haiku in your anthology. As a fellow Michigan resident, I hope to meet and talk with you sometime. Best wishes on your project.

      • Origa says:

        Thank you! I also hope we can meet one day 🙂 Do you have a Facebook? My FB name is Origa Kankodori Press; and you see my Live Journal address. Let’s keep in touch.

        let us walk
        safely together
        Basho’s path


        Nihon’s tears
        after quake and flood

        These two haiku will be included in the book. Do you want me to use your pen name Yousei Hime, or your real name? Either way is fine.

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  4. danzannyam says:

    pray for all japanese!

  5. Hiruta says:

    Dear haiku friends,
    thank you very much for your prayers.
    I feel as if I am still quaking with the earth. Fortunately, I am alive now.
    Electricity service just now got available again here, which enables me to send this thank-you reply back to you.
    Basho’s path
    finds many prayers and love
    haiku friendship

  6. Amity says:

    Because of what happened to Japan, our country, the Philippines was alerted to Tsunami Alert Level 2 because of predicted domino effect, our country being near Japan. The sleepless night, the stress and fear that had enveloped us in our place could not be measured. But thank God, we were spared.

    We went to the nearest mountain for refuge at about 5 pm and only went back to our homes at past 2:30 am, after the tsunami alert was lifted in our place.

    Watching CNN now, I could only cry in knowing so many Japanese people perished.
    May God give their families enough comfort to face this tragedy.

    Thanks Yousei for your prayers too. I may also write a post later today as I don’t feel quite fine.

  7. brian says:

    yeah its pretty scary watching the news coverage this morning…i pray too that everyone, or as many as possible are safe…

  8. lesliepaints says:

    I, too, pray for them.

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  10. slpmartin says:

    I shall join you in your prayers.

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