Coshocton Write-On Writers Conference

Tomorrow, actually only a few hours from now, I am travelling to Ohio to take part in the Fourth Annual Coshocton Write-On Writers Conference.  I am so excited, despite the fact that I am leaving at 3 a.m. to be there on time.  There are some interesting speakers, interesting workshops, and I am certain, interesting people to meet.  Robin Mullet, for Fishing for Words, will be there and we will get a chance to meet face to face.  I haven’t done a writing workshop since college.  Here is to coming back with new poems, ideas for even more poems, and techniques for making them great.  See everyone one Sunday.

in our small orchard
many nights hard frost–apples
pears, peaches still bloom


About T A Smith

Just one of the literacy scholars on this site who wants to explore writing in all its complexities.
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20 Responses to Coshocton Write-On Writers Conference

  1. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    I hope you have had a wonderful, inspiring and inspired time.

  2. roxie says:

    What a neat opportunity, I hope you thoroughly enjoyed yourself! And I love the imagery on the orchard post! Keep writing, you inspire us!

    • Yousei Hime says:

      It was a good opportunity, and other than the trip being very long, I had a great time. I’ll write about it later. Keep a sharp eye out. Thanks for the encouragement too.

  3. kseverny says:

    Wow, congratulations

  4. rdl says:

    sounds good- have fun!

  5. Ji says:

    How are you>
    Best wishes!

    • Yousei Hime says:

      The conference was good. I was exhausted from the trip, then woke up Sunday with a very sore neck. Took two more days for it to go away. Back to writing now. Hope to see you this Thursday.

  6. william says:

    beautiful picture, safe trip xx

  7. Technobabe says:

    Oooooh my dear, have a safe and interesting trip. I know your mind is thirsting for the tidbits of knowledge at the conference. Drink it in!!

  8. Viola says:

    Yousei Hime this haiku is simply beautiful. Excellent job my friend. I know you will enjoy the Writers Conference, and learn from it. Can’t wait for you to come back all fired up and ready to take on the world with your new and exciting different styles of writing. Go and knock their socks off with what you have to show them. My prayers will be with you for a safe trip there and back. “Have fun with your writing my friend.” new poem posted by viola.

  9. brian says:

    safe travels. hope to one day take in a writers workshop…nice haiku to nature’s resilience

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Thank you for the well-wishes. The trip was great, just a bit much for one day’s travel. I’ll post on the experience when I’ve caught up with the poem writing for April.

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