white-blue snows unspoiled
sparkle at sunset–
footprints headed home


In response to Haiku Bones prompt:  regret.


About T A Smith

Just one of the literacy scholars on this site who wants to explore writing in all its complexities.
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29 Responses to Pristine

  1. jruthkelly says:

    this haiku brings a big smile to my face. snow is speaking to me these days. i love the unspoiled newness of it all. a lovely walk thru the layers of possibility, your words.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      Cousin JRuth,
      I do love to see a field of untouched snow. One of the nice things about nature, it can clear the slate, make everything look fresh with a blanket of new snow.

  2. Amity Me says:

    Hi Yousei;

    sorry, been absent from your space for quite a long time….been melacholic you know…plus Shraddha had a makeover of my blog and it’s looking pretty this time, isn’t it?

    you told me an Princess of Acrostics…wish there’s a badge ofr that and have it awarded to me…lolz….but thanks anyway Yousei, you were the first to call me that!!!

    you always amaze me with your post, so that when i was absent bloghopping, i missed your work, plus, Shraddha lost my bloglist so I can no longer get to you…glad you came and i now found the link and added you once again in my bloglist…:)

    Happy New year Yousei!!!

  3. kathytemean says:

    I love your poem. Why aren’t you writing something for David L Harrison’s Poems Inspired by a Single Word Contest? I bet you would win. This month’s word is “Time.”


    • Yousei Hime says:

      Thank you for the encouragement and info. I needed some lifting up today. Not sure why. I’ll take a look at the site and will definitely begin submitting. Thanks again.

  4. Tacy says:

    Thank you!!! 😀

  5. Tacy says:

    Hey Yousei Hime!! It is 2010!!!! I just wanted to wish you a VERY happy new year!!!! Wooooo!

  6. catgirlslovehaiku says:

    Have the happiest of New Years, friend!

  7. Tacy says:

    Yes, yes yes! I loooove it. So cute and so… sophisticated. I find myself studying it every time I see it!

  8. Tacy says:

    Beautiful! I love your new Gravatar!

  9. heartshapedlies says:

    “Footprints headed home” – wow!
    I love your haikus!

  10. catgirlslovehaiku says:

    Love this one. Love the picture of the winter scene it forms in the mind.

  11. Jeeves says:

    Footprints headed home. Wow!

  12. lesliepaints says:

    Walking toward warmth is strong in this image.

  13. Sandy says:

    Beautiful. One of the things I love about me snow is the clean slate for new tracks. Don’t know about you, both I usually stay out until I get cold!

    • Yousei Hime says:

      I love a clean blanket of snow too. I chose the topic because I can hardly bring myself to mar it with footprints, though my cats have no such hesitation. Thus, when I do take a walk, I leave a trail of regret, so to speak. Thanks for coming by and sharing. Your visits are most welcome.

  14. Technobabe says:

    Footprints heading home brings peace to my heart, especially since I am experiencing snow storms in real life. The thought of getting home to relax in a safe and cozy environment takes the stress out of the snow storm. Maybe I am being too literal but seeing more white on the walkways I shoveled and on the driveway this morning, I was sooooo happy to be inside and warm.

    • Yousei Hime says:

      I am completely in agreement on the “happy to be inside and warm” concept. I love the outdoors, but I am not very temperature-extremes tolerant. No, if you ever wonder what Yousei is doing on a cold day, picturing me wrapped in a blanket with a good book is the best guess. 😉 Thank you for coming by and for your own wonderful blog as well.

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